"The hands that rock the cradle is the hand the rules the world." This, for me doesn't just mean all the mothers in the world, but all the adults who raise children, nannies, grandparents, aunts and uncles, teachers. We are all responsible for raising a new generation and in these articles I am sharing my own personal journey in raising my own son, in the hope that the readers will find something in it. 

boys and guns

I know that I shouldn't let my son play with toy guns. And I have to admit it has really been a great challenge keeping him from getting fascinated with these things. He grew up conscious about the fact that toy guns and any toy weapons are not really a good idea. Sometimes he would receive gifts like these on his birthday and I would see to it that he is properly guided when he's playing with them. There came a time in school last year when he was in grade one, when he got into a fight. CONTINUE READING


It’s alright for our younger ones to have crushes. It is not something that we should sweep under the rug. So many parents I know think it is inculcating malice among our children when we entertain them talking about their crushes. Hey, don’t you think it is the other way around? The more that we appear indignant to them about these things, the more that they will get curious with it. How can we leave them to their own thoughts, how can we not be there for them in this very natural process of growing up? We are parents EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. We are not parents only on chosen occasions. If they reach the stage where they start to like the opposite sex, that is normal. continue reading

So blessed to be a mother

I came home tonight very tired from work and my dear son did something that really reminded me that in spite of all the hardships in life, at the end of the day God's gesture of love is my own son. After having dinner and spending time with him (we played Angry Birds and Turbo Fly), I took a bath and sat down to work, keeping in mind that I have to spend a couple of hours before bed time for another part time job. Gabriel quietly took my favorite massage oil and started massaging my feet. continue reading

Feeling loved with these old cards

Market adventure

happy place

Full of surprises

Gabriel invading my office

Tarak-Tarak (Toy Cars)

What Gabriel wants to be

Emotional quotient: check.

I am a mother, and this is my vocation

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