Thursday, April 28, 2016

I can grow garlic!

I always thought only those with "green thumb" can make things grow. How wrong I was. Farming can be learnt. You just have to first learn to love it, and be ready to try, be ready to fail, be ready to try again.

Well, this was my first try to plant garlic. I did this April 3, 2016 and I'm really excited how it goes. There is so much joy in gardening and farming. The therapy is amazing I wish everybody knows this. Seeing the little green thing growing inch by inch everyday gives me a renewed sense of vigor each time. It means hope. It means new beginning. It means life. I am alive. I will live and let others people see what I saw. Can you see this?



Monday, March 21, 2016

Para ka kabalo, indi ko ya daw ma ano sa title. Amo na lang na pinaka hapos mo nga pwede basehan sang imo storya sa imo mga minions para makuha mo ila sympathy. Pero ano bala ang natabo sa una nga batch sang mga volunteers kag officers MO? Di bala wala na sila tanan? Di bala suya na sila tanan sa IMO? Ngaa ayhan? Ang punot dulo sang tanan ano haw? Ngaa indi mo kaya e confront ang reality? Naglain buot ko kay daw hangag ko to nag attend sa summer camp, nanagtagtag ka certificate kag ikaw nag sign sang certificate as "founder". Te indi pwede maglain ang buot sang original gid nga "founder"?? Sala ko kay naglain buot ko sa ginhimo mo?? Budlay sa tawo kon sakon kay gapa mango mango. Sino nasaligan mo? Nobyo mo nga daw amo ang itsura nga bugalon tikalon feeling all knowing kag indi mahambalan nga pareho man sa imo? Good luck sa inyo nga duha kon diin kamo dal-on pila ka adlaw sang batasan nyo. Ikaw pa may sala, ikaw pa subong ang biktima. Huo ikaw may sala. Kag dako sala mo. Kabalo na ko sang tanan. Ginsugid na nila sa akon. Tanan nga pang libak mo sa akon. Tanan nga istorya nga indi amo nga gin palapta mo. Pa sulaton ka sa sowing legacy mo daw sa piho ka mag gamit words nga "lies". Gusto mo e waragwag ko sa tanan kon ano ka kabutigon? "We are not terrified in anyway" ngaa haw, sino nag hamba sa imo nga dapat ka ma terrified? Gwa gid sa baba kon ano ang ginabatyag a. Ngaa terrified ka haw? Terrified ka nga ma gwa tanan mo nga baho?

Just to let you know I AM SO RELIEVED nga finally naka batyag ka na huya kag nag ilis ka na ngalan. Ay indi ka gali guro tuod terrified. You are EMBARRASSED. Ashamed. Huya. Indi ka na gusto ma associate sa ngalan nga ako ang nag sugod. Kay gin panguna ko na sa first letter ko ang opisyo mo sa org nga ako ang nag tukod. Amo lang na kaya ka brain mo haw? Indi mo gid kaya buy-an kay indi ka maka think sang imo? Gusto mo pa basa ko tanan sa imo tanan nga opinion parte sa imo sang mga nakabalo na sang tuod mo nga gin himo sa org? "Your org was hijacked by that woman" Te wala ka nahuya? Huo gin hijacked mo. Miskin gamay wala ka kabatyag huya sa akon nga kunsabagay gin invite ta mlang ka gani di ba? Lipat ka na? Budlay sa mga sakon kay gaka amnesia. Tell all your minions, nga gin invite ka lang. Kaya mo? I dare you now. Sige be. Kon tuod nang gina wakal mo da nga "i stand by what is the truth" sige WHAT IS THE TRUTH??? Kabalo na sila nga gin chat mo ang amay ko using account sang iban? Kabalo na ang nobyo mo nga daw unggoy ang tsura nga nagpatulog ka lalake sa kwarto mo nga kamo lang duha? Kabalo na sila nga gin tagaan mo leakage ang isa ka scholar kay gusto mo lang ma prove nga tsakto decision mo nga ma dios diosan sa iya kag sighon sya sa scholarship miskin indi mayo ang record butigon kawatan child abuser? Damo pa ko may nabal an sa garok mo. Yes you should be terrified. Be really really terrified. Na buutan ka na gid sa akon no. Matyag mo lang na. Ang buot nga ni ma kampanya ni against sa imo mag padalagan ka na mayor sa Himamaylan. I swear on that. Kay damo sang makaluluoy sa isa ka leader nga corrupt, butigon, promiscuous, libakera, hisaan, cunning, you want me to go on and on? Peke ka. Perte ka peke. Ang the people have to know that.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016




"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord." -Psalm 150:6 

 I didn't realize farming could go so well with photography. These two things give me free therapy every day! What amazes me is the fact that beautiful shots usually can be taken by zooming in at every detailed angle. When I took this one my face was already almost on the ground. But the result is such a perfect consolation. Whether I stress myself all the time with the way things are not working the way I wanted them to, or with the way people think or feel about me, life will continue its course. So I'd rather focus on these simple, mundane things that bring joy and peace. I choose to breathe life into these tiny things in my pots. Because later on they will be giving life to many. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Doesn't matter what they think

philippines wild

Do not be defined by what others think of you. Their opinion doesn't determine who you are. What they say, what they do,what they believe in, that's who they are. You are your own person,your own uniqueness, your own gift. What you are, flaws, scars, strength, determination, dreams and aspirations, is a contribution to the wider scheme of life.  

Why are you here?

pink flower

Your sole purpose is to love, with all the different shades that you are, your purpose is what truly defines you. Because if it is not to love, then why are you here?

Are you done giving?


There's time in your life when you are simply done giving. This is the time when you have reached a level where you have fully come to understand you are also responsible for your own self. Do not give yourself away, too much that you lose yourself in the process. Otherwise it defeats the whole purpose of why you are here.

You are gold

Philippines wild

You are gold because you made it through. In spite of the pain, in spite of the occasional failures, in spite of yourself. Yes, indeed,sometimes you have to contend with yourself and all your doubts, will you ever make it? But you see, you always do.



Every once in a while, I soak myself in tears. Every once in a while, I die to live again. 

While we are here ...


Look closer, there is life and beauty in the most mundane of things. Let them remind you that no matter how temporary we all are here in this life, we ought to live it the best way we can.

Go ahead and live...


You are not here forever, you ephemeral dreamer. In spite of your strength, your will to live, your plans succeeding, you won't stay. So while you are here, bloom to your fullest and abandon yourself to the universe. Live. Breathe. You've got life. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Amo na ya ang topnocher

Something about her nga ka genuine kag ka pure, wala kapa cute cute, wala gapa luoy luoy, wala gapa sweet sweet. And obvioulsy love nya iya pamilya. Amo ni nga topnotcher ang dapat e admire.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Joshua Jackson likes the Philippines!

That's coming from Joshua Jackson who recently made a trip to the Philippines to do a documentary for the National Geographic. "The Philippines was pretty magical," he recalled. "We were down south on an island called Cebu and were scuba diving. It's just so, so beautiful... "  I always get so thrilled reading news such as this, kind words from famous people, about my beloved country.

I remember getting so crazy over Dawson's Creek, to the point of memorizing the lines, the songs, the guitar chords, everything. And it's pretty much close to my heart, anything that reminds me of Dawson's Creek. How can I ever forget you, Pacey???


Monday, February 1, 2016

Strength in number

What keeps me grounded everyday is the fact that I've got family and their love, support and acceptance define who I am. There are times when I get lost, but their presence reminds me I am home wherever I am at the moment. I have always been the rebel in our family. I swim against the tide. I am different. At times they find it difficult to gauge me. But looking back, they have always been there for me. Back then, I just didn't care. I was convinced I can always do it on my own. I didn't need their permission. I didn't need their opinion. That's what I thought. And how wrong I was. I am right now in this part of my journey, where the bend ahead is still not in sight, but somehow I have this sense of confidence that I will conquer what's ahead. Making sense of what was in the past could indeed lead you to a much clearer future. I thank God for giving me my family, my compass, my strength.

Economic Boost

This is my family's business. My father is the master painter, me, my brother and sister paint as well. This one here in the photo is a product of my sister. My father is getting old, he wants to pass this on to us and be assured that the legacy will be continued. It's been more than a decade since I last held a paintbrush. I think the pressure is on for me.


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Friday, January 29, 2016


In the midst of all the challenges, this gives me hope. Everyday, I watch them grow, persevering, telling me that there will be "life" in due time. 




Monday, January 25, 2016

Heart of a Volunteer

It took me a while to come out and be myself again, bask in the sunlight and get excited for the rain. Having trusted someone with all my life, with my secrets, my dreams, desires of my heart, and being failed and utterly toppled me down with deceit and treachery, it wasn't easy. I gave birth to an organization in which I hope there will be mutual respect, trust, and encouragement. When that person took it away from me, she took away with her my own confidence, the belief in myself, and the audacity to dream big. Yes, it took me a while. But just like any mothers who lost their babies to miscarriage, I guess one of the things that could bring things back to normality is conceiving once again and being reminded that yes, I can conceive again, and give birth again, the way I was designed. 

I can't wait to see this project grow. 


Sunday, January 10, 2016

Life Academy


I have always been a hardheaded student. I hated rules. It made me feel like I was at the mercy of these people coming up with these rules. I was convinced that rules were made to oppress, not to bring justice. And I continue to feel the same way about life. Yes, I am such a hard headed student of life. But just like the way I made it through school and eventually earning my degree, I go through it munching on my apathy and let it nourish me into the rebel student that I am. And yes, just like the way it happened, I was able to make it through school. I am pretty sure I will also make it through right now, as I go to life school every day, being the rebel that I am. I will learn, I am learning. I will pass.

When I was a freshman in college, in my Algebra class, our professor gave us a sneak peek of what was going to happen the entire school-year. I knew instantly it was going to be hard. I doubted ever passing it. As our first session ended, I approached my professor and said, "I am too dumb to ever 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Why I get up in the morning

Thank you for this day, Lord, there is reason to get up and breathe the air. It's free, just like hope, just like dreaming, it's what keeps me going.