Thursday, November 24, 2016


anabelle gubuan

I saw this being posted recently by someone I know quite too well. She's bully, hostile, curses a lot, curses people a lot, even her own children she makes it a habit to curse them. She's called someone "a lying cow" but I know too many of her own lies. She hates "mistresses" with a passion, but she was once (or maybe twice, or thrice or even more) one. I cannot enumerate here one by one all the things that she did wrong, but to sum it all up, I cannot see in her life that she is living it like she is a child of God. Sometimes telling people "I am a child of God" can be a convenient way of claiming righteousness, that our faith/belief in God makes us better than the rest. We are all sinners. Not one of us here on earth is as blameless as Jesus is. Everyday we stumble, we make mistakes, we make wrong choices. But we can always learn to be better and let God change us. If we truly seek God in our life, and if we truly believe we are a "child of God", we surrender to his loving correction. Being a child of God means living the gospel, being able to bless others by your presence, your speech, your behavior. It's not enough that you wear your "I am a child of God" ID and go about hurting people.

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