Monday, June 27, 2016

Try this, it can help you

I am posting this for you, miss traumatized girl. I'm not concerned. I just thought I should share this hoping that if you can learn how to handle your emotion, you can stop bothering me, you can stop going around telling/inventing sorry stories to get sympathy. Someone told you told her that you're convince I have a disorder. Well, I will be more than glad to find that out with the help of a counselor. But what about you? What if I tell you that I, too, am very much convinced of a disorder that is eating you up? For a little girl to see her mother having sex with a man, not her husband, is a traumatic experience. And I do not think something was done to address that. You grew up with that thought/memory in your head and that's the same reason you got a "friend" to sleep in your bed, while you are in a committed relationship and until now your boyfriend doesn't know that. You want me to tell your boyfriend? Do these people know the real you? No they don't. Because you are so good at pretending. You are so good at making up lies just to cover up for your own lies.

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