Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Different roles, different goals

womanI can't remember the last time I felt whole as a woman. Too many different roles I play everyday somehow affects my capacity to love and take care of myself. The battles I have been fighting -- they seem endless -- took so much of my time. What are these battles anyway? Why do they require so much of me? There are times when they overwhelm me I just find myself breaking down, lost, confused and ever so discouraged. Different roles, different battles, different goals. Why can't life be simple? I am a simple person with very simple needs. I am not hard to please. I cry at a sign of a mother bird crying looking for her lost hatchling. Yet I know all these questionings will never end, as long as I live there are always things to wonder about. I just need to step back every once in a while and look at myself, where I am in the midst of all this. I am my own woman, battles and scars, roles  and goals. Nobody can take away my gifts.  Nobody can cause me to stop giving, to stop being gentle, being kind, nobody can stop be from being beautiful as I am. 

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