Monday, May 12, 2014

Learning and Changing

I have just learned that sometimes we have to learn to let go of some things in our life, not because we need to move on, but because we need to make quicker steps to where we will be better. When we are kind to our self we try not to let others abuse this kindness. As I grow old, there are things in my journey that keep surprising me. I do surprise myself, too. I guess it also means that yes, sometimes people do change. I have changed. I am still changing. I change as I learn. Like when I learn to stand up for myself and stop others from hurting me some more, I realized why not stay away or avoid dragging myself into the situation where people deem it right to insult me with their arrogance. There will always be reasons for our lack of capacity to be kinder than we already think we are. And so I change. 

And go ahead with my journey that does not promise any paradise, but only fulfillment if I learn to live for others, and not for myself. I change, and choose to be more careful who to shake hands with in the future. This world is filled with people lost in their own misery they forget their real purpose why they are here in the first place. Life is not just about survival, it is about living. And yes, that is for the same reason that I have changed. I want to be enriched by those who, like me, live for others. It is much better than be dragged by those who live to survive. They will just suck the life out of me.. And yet, for them, that too is arrogance.

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