Monday, May 12, 2014

Let love define you

Don't define love, let love define you. What do I really mean by this? Most of the time, most people think that love can be defined according to what one sees it. But in the process of trying to survive from my greatest disillusionment, I was convinced that love is a force that drives people in just one direction. It has a universal language and by that I mean those who get to experience it speak the same truth. And it makes them want the same thing. It is not love when people become the worst that they are. Love is everything good and beautiful. In spite of the pains that it requires, love is everything that conquers what is ugly. If you are becoming an ugly person out of the relationship you are right now in, then that is not love. That is purely surviving. Love is about living, not surviving. Love is life. They have to go together. Those who live love, speak life, not death.

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