Sunday, November 10, 2013

Can't stop praying

In the midst of all this suffering Lord, I want to thank you for being the God of Moses, for being the God of David, of Isaac, for the being the God who never runs out of compassion and mercy. I praise and thank you for being in control of whatever you allow your people to experience. I praise and thank you for in spite of your seeming silence, at least for some of us, You are still the God who calms the ranging storm.

Thank you for uniting us, your people, your faithful around the world, and pulling us together to act as one. Thank you for spreading your angels, your warriors to stand by us as we face these battles.

I pray for those who are right now suffering from lack of shelter, food, grieving over their dead loved ones,  I pray for those of them who might be experiencing despair, hopelessness and fear.  Be with them Lord and show them that you are a living God. Stir up these people who do not seem to care and inspire them to do something.  I pray most of all for the children and the aged, Lord please be their comfort and their strength.  You yourself have said Lord, that “all things will work together for those who love the Lord.” Please make all these things work, please make all these efforts work. Please send help soonest and let these roads be passable soonest. With you, nothing is impossible. You have revealed to me so many times that indeed you are a living God. You have shown me mercy and compassion, you have proven to me how you are listening to all my cries. I claim that right now that for these victims, Lord, you are the same God. Thank you for being so. 

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