Sunday, November 10, 2013

Filipino spirit remains strong

Read this on one of my FB friend's shared posts: 

To those of you sharing these reports that there is looting and somewhat general anarchy already in all of Leyte. There might be some incidents but PLEASE we implore you DO NOT SENSATIONALIZE these reports just to get good ratings. Please verify and confirm these reports first as we were just in Ormoc, Leyte yesterday and we never saw anything of the sort. In fact they were even lining up and waiting patiently for their turn to purchase goods, medicines and even gasoline. Please do not share anything that will or might dissuade other people from sending help or going there to help because Leyte needs ALL the assistance that we can extend. God bless and and yes you may share this. (Scuba Juju)

Halit man ning media. Kay para gusto lang ratings. I really do not believe Filipinos are capable of doing something nasty just for the sake of survival. Hey guys, we are known for our Bayanihan spirit, for our resilience, for our positive spirit, for our faith. How could we believe those stupid news saying people are killing each other for survival. 

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