Sunday, November 27, 2011

pondering on my own thoughts...

Found this in my university journal...

I am basically a loner. I prefer to do things on my own. I don’t like be paired with someone, to be grouped with others. I go to parties but I don’t socialize. Whenever we have visitors at home, I shy away to the bedroom. Or pretend to be busy with some chores.

Our class in Peace Education have compelled me to share a portion of myself, a great portion for that matter, actually. But in a delightful way. I realized, that as a peace educator, I can never stand on my own. I can never learn things on my own, and consequently, I can never teach on my own. So coming to class has grown inside me the persistence to find out more about myself and share it so others may relate, learn, or to simply just develop connections. I have to work hand in hand with my fellow peace educators, if my aim is to build bridges with my students.

I have to believe that I have it in me, the creativity of a peace educator. I used to think I needed to swim across a hundred oceans for me to find it, but attending Peace Ed classes have made me realize, it is inside me. “How much you know is not the only thing that matters. What is more important is knowing where you stand.” My favorite quote from my favorite Masters in Conflict and Reconciliation Studies (MACRS) teacher.

I have learned that Peace Education is not simply a course, not simply an advocacy. But it must be a way of life, it must affect my whole person, so that I create a ripple of peace. By now I haven’t totally achieved these things, but I am an eager learner who is just as eager to share what I am learning.

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