Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Whatabout Conflict ?

Our existence as human beings is continually fueled with the desire to find meaning – in our experiences, in our survival, in our aspirations. In the pursuit of meaning, man explores all possible causes and effects, all possible reasons and answers. He has to see why, to know why, and he actually needs to elaborate it, to actualize it, make it more tangible. There has to be a proof of his discoveries. That’s why legends were born, folklore, traditions. These are proofs of man’s capacity to conceive ideas, to dream, imagine, eventually to invent – stories, plans, technologies. To quote George Eliot, “The world is full of hopeful analogies, and handsome, dubious eggs called possibilities.” These possibilities provide opportunities for man to discover new things everyday, and also probabilities for him to fail.

From these experiences of man, his successes and failures, his realizations and disappointments, despair and hope, histories are being woven. These are man’s cultural history, its laws, religions, norms, standards, tenets. They become landmarks along the road to man’s civilization. They are signposts that would lead to the next bend, to the next curve. History then defines the person, the society, for that matter, and this would attempt to determine its future, to build the character of the people.

However, we are unique individuals, with unique minds. One can look at a flower and say it’s beautiful while the other one can look at it, smell it and say it smells bad anyway. Conflicts are born out of this -- people reacting to different stimulus, different situations, interpret them, name them, make their choice whether to live them out, practice them, or refuse to do so and behave otherwise.

Society’s tenets are supposed to be designed to make people behave in a certain way, this is in the view of bringing about peace and harmony. But because of our individual differences, this doesn’t prove to be plausible. They’re like bandage on the bruise. Nevertheless, I don’t think a society without a commandment is possible.

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