Monday, July 30, 2007


Gabriel is finally free from pacifier!!!! Or should it be the other way around? The pacifier is finally free of Gabriel!!! I didn’t plan for it. I wasn’t hoping to wean him even. They said he’ll just let go of it eventually. I wouldn’t deny feeling quite embarrassed about it, especially that he’s getting to be more and more talkative. Can you imagine him blabbering with pacifier in between his teeth? Urgh. What’s even more frustrating was he wouldn’t let go of his worn-out, faded, bruised, tattered ‘papen’ as he calls it. Even I already bought a new one, same model of course, he just looked at it as if it were some kind of an alien.

Until one unexpected night happened, his papen deflated! And, of course, he didn’t want that new one. I stayed up the whole night, till the wee hours trying to console him, entertain him, veer his mind away from it all. I went to work the following day feeling all used-up myself, like his recently retired papen. I was expecting for the ‘withdrawal syndrome’ to last for at least a couple of weeks but thank goodness it only lasted for two days, two nights. He became consolable with a gentle scratch on his back till he dozes off. The thing is (or maybe on his part, the bargain is) I just have to do the scratching each time he stirs in his pillow, lest he rouses and eventually just wake up and deprive me of rest till the morning comes. It has already happened, mind you.

Oh, the woes of being a mother. But above everything else, papen weaning, diaper rush, allergies, fevers, tantrums… I am one, happy mother. With Gabriel already able to give me hugs and I love yous, I get enough consolation. Reinee and I find strength just by watching him sleep.


bebang rulona ... said...

as in nalutas na sya!!!! hehehe dungan2 lang sila cuz uji gali kay gin lutas man ni uji siya kaugalingon sa akon totoy.. although kis a ga pa angga gid esp kun sleepy na sya =) good boy superman! congwats!

momoftwo said...

Wow!!! That's great news! My nephew calls his pacifier papen too hehe. BigSis wasn't really a big fan of pacifiers, she stopped sucking them when we started feeding her solids. I think she was 6 or 7 months.

There's few things she can't let go, her baby pillows, comforters and blankets hehehehe

felinelostindwilderness said...

ahahahah labutaw ay..that's great news belle! That means, he's showing the signs of "growing". yudiiiiiiiiii!!!

mama_aly said...

the graduation from dependence peels away a step at a time... today from papen, later from mom and dad... and a little at a time, we too learn to let go.

My name is Anne said...

huo inday.nagligad pa gd lang ko time mag post.hehe

mapz, ay tuod ka? as in papen man tawag ya? hahaha..ka cute sang mga bata no? may ila man sila nga language gid ya. good for your little ate least she herself didn't like papen.

meow, huo.dako na gid imo ihado nga hilaw. baho na poo-poo, damol na kiki, baho pa utot.hehehe..pareho kamo.

mama_aly, yes indeed. in the end our life will come full circle, leaving only me and hubby alone in the house.each time i watch Abe sleep, it always comes with a prayer that God help me to let him go one day. (how can you really convince that yourself, especially when he looks really adorable and angelic while sleeping)

jb29 said...

ello an-an, one of the best writers ka guid ya...hehehe syempre LCCian!!!

good thing na let go nya na ang papen disadvantage of it hambal sang mga mal-am, kung maanad ang bata sa pacifier, ma "backteeth" ang ngipon nya. ina bala daw ngipon ka rabit hehehehe

cutie boy man gani imo baby...tsakto hambal ni caroline, it's a sign nga soltiro na baby boy mo....hehe

My name is Anne said...

thank you brandz for dropping by! soweee, got really so busy these past weeks. still adjusting to my new sked having to found a new job on the side.

huo, im always proud to be an LCCian. though damo man da nga teachers nasuya sa akon sang una ay tamaran ko mag tuon.heheheheh

ang parti sa backteeth? kaluoy sa mahal nga Diyos, daw wala man nag amo na iya ni Gabriel.heheheh

mira said...

ann...what can i say?hats off to you!!in evry moment and stages we are as a mother...we go through a roller coaster ride of emotions:joyous,anxious,angry,annoyed,happy,funny,silly....etc.having to go through separation anxiety,giving up of d "bottle" (dats maeve) n "boobs" (dats niall)...i have yet to struggle for that.anyway i share the same depth of joy and love ...plainly because we are mothers!

My name is Anne said...

mir, your comment enough, its always rich with profundity. you know i always long for those times when we just chat the world away. what better way to express yourself than not even saying anything but knowing you're understood?