Sunday, July 8, 2007


Hear the song in my heart… and sing it to me, when my memory fails…

I can’t remember exactly where I got these lines, but I especially dedicated this to my best friend back in high school. But recently these lines have assumed a different meaning to me.

Dom and I have been friends since college, him being one of my cohorts in our school organ. I must say he was one of my avid supporters. He was zealously following me to the point of joining an organization I was in, even if it meant affecting his studies later on. He too, became a campus activist. But activism didn’t obstinately get into my system, thanks to my father, a true-blue radical himself, who gave me sane advices. That is another story, by the way.

At first Dom and I had a mentor-student kind of relationship. He was hungry for knowledge; I was passionate in sharing what I knew. Until I graduated from college and heard nothing from him. One day, I got a short, precarious missive from him. It didn’t have his signature, but I knew it was his. I knew his handwriting by heart. He was asking for prayers, saying his life was in danger. That shook me to the core. The last time I saw him, he was in the streets holding up a megaphone, red scarf around his head, under the heat of the sun. He was a different person already. I didn’t expect he would remember to let me know where his principles had led him, though I was constantly half-hoping he would.

Several years passed. Every thought of him became a prayer. Needless to say I was guilt-ridden. I prayed and prayed and prayed. And believed. He’s safe. He’s finished school. His life was normal. These prayers were heard.

We’ve been seeing each other in Manila recently. He’s been such a darling for picking me up at the airport and letting me stay in his house, treating me to places I never thought I would go. I treasure the long talks that lasted till the wee hours. He’s more or less the same person, but different in a way that only I, and maybe a few of his friends, would know and understand.

Yes, the mentor-student relationship has gone past its stage. Dom became my friend when he told me all about the brightness and darkness of his life, all about its sweet and pungent odor. All about its seasons, its colors, its songs. And I sang along with him, not fully understanding what his heart was saying, but at least knowing the sadness it felt, the fears that went along with it.

From outside, he is a jolly person. Very positive, talented, promising. Some people and so-called friends can only scowl at his propensities. But I can only cry seeing through his ready smile. Because there lies a friend, so misunderstood, yet so endearingly beautiful.

Dom, I may not be around for you always, but thank you for trusting in me. I am eternally amazed by how you take life and its challenges. You are such a brave young man, forever believing in great possibilities. You will be heard. You will be well. You will be triumphant. In the end, what will matter is how you lived your life. And I am blessed I have been part of it. Thank you for letting me hear the song of your heart.


mama_aly said...

sometimes, you do not see a friend for a long time yet when you meet again, it's like time and distance did not keep you apart.

bebang rulona ... said...

this is such a sweet sweet blog. it shows how much don2 is loved. ti don, ma ride nalang ko di paagi sa comment ha hehe

don, we're not that super intimate gid parehas kay anne2 pero i want you to know lab ta ka as baby brother .. i like the thought nga love mo akon manghod... kag daw idol idolan mo sya (dat makes d two of us now hehe) i got few memories with you but i cant forget those ripple-days nga super ready smiles ka pirmi for me... esp mag gate crash ko to sa ripples. i also like your being sweet. and the way you say manang makes me feel am a good kind of ate hehehe

to anne, baw nami eh si don2 may amo sini ako ya? jok jok jok... more dan enuf na to imo testi sa akon kag ang tribute sa fec which you composed.. pede mo to ma blog? HHAHAHAHAHA! jok onli... haynako ara naman pagka egoistic ko.. pasensya pasensya hihihi =)

My name is Anne said...

feel na feel ko gid na pag write ko sang blog ni dom. i woke up in the middle of the nighth at started composing my thoughts about dom.

mag birthday ka lang sa august.himuan ta lang ka pareho ni.hehehe..pahibion ta gid ka to the max. huo atong sa FEC i blog to bala!!!hehehe..tapos butangi link sa FEC forum para ma read man nila nag blog.

mama_aly, thanks for reading. :D yes, i have that kind of connection with most of my friends, and i think most of us have.

Dohn.Nalumen said...

ay teh. na guilty ko gulpi kay may pulaw pa nga upod. pero I am suuuuuuuuper flattered but humbled. honestly, I never thought our connection was that tough.

daw ka pressure man ina ba. I have to make a birthday blog for you like as equally good as this. gosh!

dali lang gid ha. mamahid ko anay luha kag sip'on kay I cant help but cry sa blog mo. touch gid ko ya.

My name is Anne said...

syempre lang gid dom. may pagka manhid man ko daan.people don't realize ga care ko for them, kayman pirmi lang ko NR.hehehe No Reaction.

momoftwo said...

ahay, what can I say? Da best writer ka gid ya Anne! Pass it on hehe

Re: about your bestfriend, he must be proud and thankful for having you as a friend :) Thanks for sharing this story to us :)

felinelostindwilderness said...

definitely a very good writing piece! I always knew that you are really good in your craft and am glad that you really nurtured it! Keep it up Belle! Love ya!

My name is Anne said...

thank you!kilala mo na sya guro mapz, di domingo bala. one of the writers sa ripples.hehehe he's one of those i encouraged to write.

meow, kag ikaw man. keep it up. keep pushing yourself..hehe para matapos mo na ang article nga gin request ko :P