Tuesday, July 3, 2007



Sweet dreams: dif-dif
I love you very much: bo-mash
Papa Jesus: Papa Titus
Pray: pfrey
Table: tibon
Egg: geg
Monster: munter
Swimming pool: mimingpon
Lotion: owthon
Milk: miyek
Chicken: kiken
Truck: chwak
Rainbow: winbow
Barney: marney
Blues clues: booth-cooth
Airplane: epen
Birds: borts
Drawing: wiwing
Turtle: titon
Giraffe: gerf
Banana: manana
Train: twen
Nose: nowth
Angel: engen
Teddy bear: tidiber
Apple: apon
Sun: than
Star: thtar
Butterfly: fly-fly
Cookies: cookith

Computer: pututer

Button: batan


Ligo: gego
Banyo: manyo
Tanga: nana
Itlog: gog
Abre: abve
Gin-ot: in-ot
Hilot: ilot
Hulam ko: nam ko
Saging: gaging
Biskwit: kwit-kwit
Likod: nikod
Katol: katon
Basa: batha
Tugnaw: nugnaw
Hilanat: nanat
Kalam: nam
Hadlok: dlok
Sulat: thulat

The ones above are just the words that he still cannot say right, and that I find really cute to listen to. These days, every day, he surprises me with words, phrases, and even sentences he already can say right.

During our last visit to his pedia, I was quite surprised, and really happy with his ‘performance’. The pedia’s secretary, who’s very fond of him, got him a book and without much ado, Abe started naming everything he saw in each page. Not contented, after he finished the book, he looked around and named the things he could see around the clinic. Star, sun, kite, teddy bear, rat, clock, clouds, balls, tree.. I could see that the rest of the mothers in the clinic were impressed. Later, one mother asked me his age and when I said he’s going two this coming August, she said he’s advanced for his age. What can you expect? I was swelling with pride!

Thank God I took up Child Psychology, even if I really never got to practice it professionally. I believe that God made me take the course, just for Gabriel and his future siblings, God-willing.

Nevertheless, if there is one great teacher on how to be a good parent, it’s God himself. His parenting style could never ever go wrong. That’s one thing I like Gabriel to remember always.


bebang rulona ... said...

haynaku!!! superman superman!!! mas more pa gid ko na inspire nga i serious ang lesson plan ko kay Rujim hahaha... ahayah... im the proud tita!!! heheh cutie cute cute... to me.. to yu.. to me der.. i lab yu superman abetoy toy butetoy!!

Anonymous said...

wow! amazing..he is advance for his age..did you try teaching him alphabet? amat amat he will master it before he turns 3 :) It's really good to start teaching them early. You are great mommy anne, keep up the good work :)

My name is Anne said...

hehehe..yes,mdyo lapit ya na ma saulo alphabet.ga laktaw laktaw pa sya.ang pinaka dretso gd P-Q-R-S-T-U-V hehehe...thank you!!

cge inday dasiga da c uji para ang saya-saya.hehehe

Dohn.Nalumen said...

suuuuuuuuuuper cutie! sayang kag wala ko pa sya ma kita.

try bi nang pa take sya sang exam. basi ma guwa pa nga genius si baby gab.

My name is Anne said...

ay pwede na ina?hehehe la ko balo.d ko daan updated.hehehe indi man guro a.i think normal lang sya.hehehe..pero cge be, ask around ko.hehehe

felinelostindwilderness said...

THATS REALLY GREAT MAMA BELLE! for sure he's going to be a smart kid someday coming from a smart mom and dad..wink*

Dohn.Nalumen said...

@ manang anne:

Yup. may mga test na ina ang pagkabalo ko for his age. Daliiiiii. try na.

mama_aly said...

i love how kids fumble through the word milk. between my kids and nieces, here are our family's version of milk:


bebang rulona ... said...

let me add to mama_aly:

my son's version of milk is: "tititim" hihihi

mira said...

hayy..abe ala abe lincoln..are u such a clever boy!its just amazing is the feeling of a mother....niall whose 18 months would call willy "dad" n maeve whose 3 ...ask him just as soon as he's at d door,"daddy what you doin' here? n willy answered,"well,apparently i live here".

My name is Anne said...

hahahahaha!!!! thanks for the good laugh mir..haay..that's it.in spite everything, the tantrums, spanking and all, motherhood is such full of joy.