Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Let it begin with you


Most of us think that peace can be achieved by choosing the "right" leader for our country. We choose our leader and we give our all in defending that choice as if the whole humanity depends on that kind of choice. Really? What about you? What have you done so far? What about your own life? Is it something that you can say contributes to the greater scheme of things? All this election hullabaloo will end and after the dusts have settled, what then? Whose points have been proven right? Or does it even matter at all? Damo sang ga yamo parte mga corrupt, pero sila mismo sa ila panimalay ga practice man corruption. Damo sang gayamo parte violence pero sila mismo ga practice violence by hurting their children with their violent words. Damo sang ga reklamo parte kabutigan sang mga politiko pero sila mismo seasoned liars. Damo sang ga reklamo parte immoral nga mga kandidato pero sila mismo damo kamala malahan gina himo sa kadulom. Does it even make sense? As a people our responsibility cannot only be defined by choosing our leader, but in doing our part in bringing about that change.

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