Thursday, April 28, 2016

I can grow garlic!

I always thought only those with "green thumb" can make things grow. How wrong I was. Farming can be learnt. You just have to first learn to love it, and be ready to try, be ready to fail, be ready to try again.

Well, this was my first try to plant garlic. I did this April 3, 2016 and I'm really excited how it goes. There is so much joy in gardening and farming. The therapy is amazing I wish everybody knows this. Seeing the little green thing growing inch by inch everyday gives me a renewed sense of vigor each time. It means hope. It means new beginning. It means life. I am alive. I will live and let others people see what I saw.

Today I celebrate my 18th year as part of an editorial team. It's been a way of life, not just a job. For so many reasons I can really say the best times of my life happened here in this office. I look back with bittersweet feeling in my heart, it will be nostalgic to let you. Nevertheless, I can't wait for next year when I will be farming full time already. It's going to be different. For two decades I've lived in my comfort zone, now I'm going out and I think it's better than where I am thinking comfortable. I have to feel comfortable and the soil will make it so. Every inch of this green thing coming up is an affirmation that the best is yet to come and while I wait for that, I work hard and enjoy the lessons, even the tiredness that it requires.

Can you see this?



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