Thursday, June 4, 2015

Journey to Maatop

Reaching far and wide, Kwaderno has literally reached heights as we journeyed up the mountains of Maatop, one of the villages in Brgy Sanke.  The people there do not have electricity so you could imagine how they go about their lives daily. Even dreaming, hoping and believing that there is a better life doesn't even look possible in their eyes. These notebooks speak so much about Kwaderno's desire to show them dreaming and reaching for these dreams can be real. Indeed looking at these children holding their notebooks was assurance enough for us that in our next notebook distribution next year, we would see something more in their eyes. 

To our beloved Kwaderno partners, thank you for helping us make this possible. You are these children's lifeline. This is where your notebooks have reached, this is how your simple gesture of sharing affects those who need to believe that indeed, love can. /Anne badilla gubuan

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