Tuesday, March 8, 2016

On to the new chapter

To the sponsors, scholars, volunteers, contributors in any way of Kwaderno Love Can, Inc.:

I am Anabelle Badilla-Gubuan, founder of Kwaderno Love Can, Inc.. When I first conceived and named Kwaderno, it was to offer encouragement to the striving children of a far-flung area in Hinobaan, to the pupils aspiring for a better future yet confined to their reality of poverty. Along with a group of friends and my own family, we campaigned to gather notebooks for those school kids. It was a success.

I acknowledge Richelle Verdeprado as my co-founder, the one I invited to join me in that first ever notebook distribution. With all her efforts in making Kwaderno a SEC registered organization, I salute her. We even made it to the top 12 in the quest for Ten Outstanding Organizations in the Philippines. In a matter of few months, the organization seemed to have bloated with the amount of volunteers and contributions for its growth. From the simple gathering of notebooks, additional programs were initiated like sponsoring a child for Piso-a-day, youth leadership training … and it went on and on.

Somewhere along the way we seemed to have lost track of where we were heading. There were misunderstandings among the core group as I wanted transparency and to ground it to the main purpose of why I started Kwaderno in the first place. I initially kept my silence as I did not intend to cause further damage to the organization I love so much. Some of you would have even noticed my dissociation from the organization. And my silence was misinterpreted. Gossips crept in, malice, lies. Still I kept my silence and waited for my vindication. After months of discernment, I believe this is the time that I have to say my piece, at least to save those who continue to invest their trust in the existing board of Kwaderno.

This letter is intended to inform the public that I am no longer in any way connected with Kwaderno Love Can, Inc. The conflict of interests, values, and principles simply cannot make me stay any more. I have grieved about it, felt like my first born child was taken away from me. I have to be honest, it pains me to see even the logo (which I have personally designed) being changed and replaced with a different one. Yes, it is that personal to me. And I am still grieving. Healing is a process and I just have to let it go. I can only hope that the donors, and all those who support it will be properly informed how their money is being spent.

On a more personal note, I am calling on those who are in my network, to pay attention. Along the time when I was working on Kwaderno, I have already started organizing a group for a little cooperative in another far-flung village in Sipalay. This is where I am heading now. With a new set of members who are more sincere, dedicated and true to the vision of helping the less fortunate, with volunteers who are true to its spirit, with people who would take care of the contributions and will not just lavishly spend it in outings and other not-so-worthwhile activities. It is with assurance that whatever is donated, it will go straight to the ones that you hope to be helped. Furthermore, my core group strongly encourages me to keep on with the notebook distribution, Kwaderno or not, as it is my brainchild and this vision should not be for naught.

But I continue to pray for the best of Kwaderno, that hopefully it will soon fall to the hands that truly care. To be completely honest, I will be happy to see it flourish without me.

Thank you so much for all your contributions, for the experience of walking together, for the encounters that we shared, for those who stood by the truth, for taking time to read this letter. Memories are treasured and lessons are carried from what we have gone through. It is time to move on and follow where my heart leads me. It might not be easy but it is with faith that I continue to believe for better things are being prepared for me and my fellow volunteers. And anything initiated, as long as it grounded in goodness, it will find its fulfillment. God will be our guide.
Sincerely yours,

Anabelle Badilla-Gubuan
Founder, Kwaderno Love Can, Inc.

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