Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hidden Wealth?


I wonder when this great hullabaloo about Binay’s hidden wealth will end. Yet again, it’s not only Binay right? There’s Purisima, Napoles, the list goes on.  Whether these issues are true or not, my own thoughts about it mostly revolve on the fact that surely these properties are real, and it’s real wealth. I cannot begin to imagine how possible is the word “hidden wealth” is. Why? Why hide your wealth? I wouldn’t hide my wealth at all. Because I won’t have anything to keep anyway. I won’t keep anything, actually. What for? What’s my wealth for if I keep it? What satisfaction will I get just looking at my gold bars? My villas? My cars? They have no meaning. They cannot give any meaning at all. I cannot bring them with me to my grave. I cannot bring them to heaven with me. Can anyone bring these things to hell?

This world is so deprived of love, selflessness and generosity. The hunger is not just by bread but by the things only the spirit can feel and see. It really confuses me how can people think about having riches and fame and fortune and not the things more important.  I will not keep anything because I will give everything away, every little thing that I think could mean love, sharing, and hope for others.  I am not here, alive and existing only for myself. I am here for a reason and that I have to prove.

At the end of each day, when we lay our head on our pillow, what do we think about? I think of what truly matters, because these things can bring me to heaven, the only real paradise. 

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