Monday, October 13, 2014

Deadly Selfie

I am actually just lost for words every time I see in the news about selfies that have gone deadly. What is it about taking selfies, really? To the point of risking your life? Maybe the reason why I am lost for words with this topic is because I only have harsh words to say to it. Where is the present generation going these days? Certainly if I am to prefer the way to die, I would prefer meaningful deaths like laying ones life for another, rather than dying from some freak, selfie accident.  How sorry is that? For me, it looks like it's not just about taking selfies itself that's the real issue. The real issue is why do people love to take selfies? I guess it's pretty obvious where I'm leading now. Yes, social media demands so much of our selfie hungry selves. We have to give it our best angle, otherwise we won't get the attention and acceptance that we think we need. They say "It's a validation" especially when you get likes in your selfie post. Taking selfies mean boasting of your status, what you have, where you are. Boasting, bragging, showing people what you've got. But these are all just shallow, tangible things that can come to an end.


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