Monday, August 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Bebang!

Forty colors of happy
That brings to life the gloom
Any color close to dark
Can’t take up so much room.

Strength of spirit, and courage,
You are everything that it means.
Grace, honor and beauty
They surely will not wean.

Forty colors of freedom
You celebrate each type of hue
The good, the bad, the ugly
I celebrate the victor, that’s you. 

Gabriel and I made 40 loom bands of different colors for you. You may use them or not, depending on your mood, you may hang it on your wall just to remind you of how much love we put into these bracelets and how excited we are for your 40th year of being a dreamer, an achiever, a great motivator, a thoughtful and caring soul. All these things and more remind us of so much colors in your life that bring wonder and amazement at how gracefully you wade through the waters of life that sometimes bring all the different surprises and challenges. We love you and miss you to bits...

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Genevive said...

wala ko gid na punggan tubod ka luha ko ya sini... ang post ni dit2 na punggan ko pa... yugs huhuhuuhuu tenk u Abe and an.. love u so much.... i want to get my hands on these loom bands gid asap :)