Monday, May 20, 2013

Filipino on MMA

Badly beaten in last fight, Folayang eyes redemption on May 31
Battered and defeated, Eduard Folayang knew that good was no longer good enough. Having been designated by Filipino fans and MMA experts as the country’s best mixed martial artist, he knew he needed to improve drastically to fulfill the potential that his compatriots have claimed he had.
The turning point came in Folayang’s last fight at a URCC event in Manila in January, where he was dominated by fellow ONE FC lightweight Lowen Tynanes. The less experienced Hawaiian displayed superior grappling in neutralizing Folayang, who failed to muster much offense in the bout. Losing in his home country, especially in such one-sided fashion, was a bitter pill for Folayang to swallow. 

Go go go Philippines!!! I love watching MMA... hmm...oh well...just once in a while. When I can't help it because the guys in the office are watching it. But yeah, I have just found myself getting glued to it when I used to grimace at the bloody gory sport. I really do hope this guy will make it. 

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