Monday, October 1, 2012

i am so full of nostalgia these days. i long for the days of my youth, when everything was yet more innocent, more exciting, more dreamy. these days i hardly have time to dream, to savour the liquid peace of rain, and just cry for the mere sadness of the sunset.i have always been so addicted to the poignant poetry of loneliness. and funny, how after years of sticking to the half-truth of being single, i ended up getting married and having my first child, nine months after.well, it's not that i despised it at all. in spite of some pains which up to this day still pierce my heart,it is absolutely out of the question. about motherhood, i can talk about it and all its wonders forever. it's just that sometimes, i just can't help missing the me, the i, the myself, alone in my own secret universe -- hidden somewhere inside my heart. in there i cry, i laugh, i sing and dance, i dream and wish, i live as if I were a goddess living in a tattered Greek Mythology book.

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