Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wedding Treat

I have attended quite a number of weddings already. Most of the time, I would just be sitting there, observing passively, waiting till it was over. Everything would be predictable. Exchanging of rings, vows, kissing of the bride, and of course the eternal photo session. Bride and groom. Bride and groom with priest. Bride and groom with parents of the bride. Bride and groom with parents of the groom. And the looooooong list would go on and on... by the time we reach the wedding reception, I would be too tired, too hungry, and too make-up smeared.

When I was invited to Eric and Fran's wedding, I felt so privileged, like I would always feel being invited by my other friends. I spent almost an entire day looking for a special pair of heels to flounce around, another entire day to look for a wedding gift. And of course another entire day to get dressed. *that one is of course exaggerated*

The wedding was marvelous. Now that is not exaggerated. It was the kind that would make you smile the entire ceremony. I was riveted to my seat observing the lovely couple. When Fran was walking down the aisle, I had tears in my eyes not because I was watching her, but because I was watching Eric watching her. Eric and I are friends way back in college and I didn't want to miss his groom smile for the world. It convinced me that indeed, Fran was the most beautiful woman in the world and that indeed, he is one lucky guy to be hitched.

They exchanged wedding vows at the latter part, just before Eric kissed the bride, which made the promises even more meaningful. It was nothing short of extraordinary, the way they said their vows. With Eric admitting to Fran that she was actually his knight in shining armor, I couldn't help but admire him not for the creativity of his vow, but for being so man enough to be so in love and so helpless about it.

At the reception, what struck me was watching the bride and groom eating with much gusto. They enjoyed the food as much as they enjoyed each one of us their visitors. They're so "in there". So "with us". I particularly enjoyed the couple's entrance to the reception hall. With upbeat music, they danced and skipped and laughed their way in to the waiting crowd.

Indeed it was a treat of a lifetime to be at their wedding. It was free, and not stiff. Fun and not rigid. Romantic and not cheesy. That's what they are and they showed just exactly what they've got.

I went home awe-inspired, with a secret wish in my heart for both of them. And for myself.


Anonymous said...

nice treat to the newly weds! your a keen observer Anne.I like it when you said "Romantic but not cheesy"! Such a light and bubbly congratulations!....Bes!

jocrossy said...

Good that you were able to capture such great moment of a true love! Rarely do we see in recent weddings the couple's deep love for each other as people usually busy themselves with the gathering alone, forgetting the real value and true essence of the celebration.
Thanks for sharing this to us, Anne. It's a positive thing that we can still look forward to 'real weddings.' (",)

burache said...

mariit ka gid ya mag sulat manang! shet! kamo ni inday! ay ambot nalang da ya ah!!! teh!

Bebang said...

So happy you're back to blogging :):):):):):) I sincerely hope its not just because of adsense. Coz blogging, sharing our lives and God' s blessings and even the trials we face each day inspires others and ourselves. Grabe ka therapeutic. So make sure to find time. Stop. Smile. Blog :) Much more ikaw nga nami2 mag sulat.

FRAN said...

wow! thanks anne for this blog!!! this means a lot!!!