Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Maping tagged me and Cat can't wait for me to post, so here goes . . .

5 Things Found In My Bag

1. Prayer book and Holy Rosary

2. Cellphone

3. Planner

4. Wallet

5. Book

5 Things Found In My Wallet

1. Photos of loved ones

2. Cash

3. IDs

4. Cards

5. Receipts

5 Things Found In My Room

1. Laptop

2. My guitar and my husband's

3. TV and DVD

4. Books

5. Gabriel's toys and books

5 Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do

1. Learn piano

2. Tour the country (before touring the world)

3. Stop working and be a fulltime wife and mom

4. Start my own business

5. Mail Christmas cards to friends here and abroad, EVERY CHRISTMAS.

5 Things I’m Currently Into

1. Learning more guitar chords

2. Collecting Maeve Binchys again, after losing most of my collections to 'faithful' borrowers

3. Blog-hopping

4. Collecting things for my SFC group garage sale this Easter

5. Busy being a wife, mother and career woman

I tag everyone in my link list. hahaha. But oh well, I know this is a busy world. So it's up to whoever finds this fun! I do! Brings out the youth in me. Feels like I'm back in high school days, filling up slumbooks, sharing keepsakes and gossips.


cathyne said...

hahaha anne, there's one thing we in what we've always wanted to do nga pwede ta himu on together...tour the country, a roadtrip! hahaha we'll both love it for sure...

however, there's also one thing i can never learn from you: guitar playing, i just can't do it!

jb29 said...

happy valentine's day Anne! Kmusta na ang sexy writer? God bless you and ur family always!

Halong sa linog subong nga adlaw hahahaha

jb29 said...

happy valentine's day anne! kamusta na ang sexy writer?God bless you and ur family always.

halong sa linog subong nga adlaw labi na guid karon nga gab-i hahahaah

My name is Anne said...

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! and happy wedding anniversary to me! hehehe...pero wala sang linog nga matabo kay may 24-hr duty ang bana ko hahahaha kg red alert ako. hahaha pa gid liwat.

ti ikaw man, blog ka man about 5 THINGS.

jb29 said...

hello anne te dapat mapasalamat guid ang bacolod sa inyo eh kay di kamo ya contributor sang intensity 20 nga linog da hahahaa ay kabastos na guid sa akon ...lain na guid kung nagatinigulang ka....puro kabastosan hahaha joke!

te sige ah blog man ko sang 5 thing thing nga ina hahaaha

te sige sexy....enjoy ur Vday with ur cuty cute cute nga unico-hijo! kamo na lang nga duwa date :-)

momoftwo said...

hahahaha...okay you can tag Brando!

ay abaw you and your hubs gali gitarista? that's really good!

Touring the Phils is a very good idea. I wished that I was able to visit more when I was there. My dream destination there is Batanes, Vigan..mostly Luzon coz most of the Visayas and Mindanao nalab ot ko na. Thanks to my jobs hehe.

thanks for doing the tag, Anne!

mira said...

well done!i enjoyed reading it.id been tagged by meow..n i have yet to do it sometime these week..hehehe