Tuesday, June 12, 2007


No, I didn't fly anywhere lately. It's just that some of my friends here, my only avid fans, I think, have been clamouring (see tag board) for my entries. And I am just so damn busy with work, that I don't have any choice but to repost this poem below. Wrote it a few years back, after my first plane ride. So there you have it guys, just to entertain you a bit, in the meantime.

Today I fly
and try to touch the heavens,
getting intimate with thoughts
and secrets hidden in the clouds.

Beyond the ideology
of my non-conformist heart,
it is compelled to follow
where my mind wants
to break free...

Here, over the clouds,
over the present pains,
over the contagious, anemic world,
I swim through the magic
that I cannot touch,
but could only understand.


felinelostindwilderness said...

OOo sha sha...pasugtan ang sako na babaye..ehehe..but i still thirst for more!!! gaka uhaw kami sang imo na blogss....plissssssssssssssss?!

Proud Mother of Two said...

ahay, kanami sini nga poem, you are very talented gid ya miga..

miss ur entries {waiting patiently}

bebang rulona ... said...

baw ga gata gata na ya si anne anne mag himo poem .. fwerti ability bebe.. amo na isa ka naluyagan ni papawens sa iya ... isa lang sa mga madamo nya nga kinaiya.. baw..

My name is Anne said...

ay abaw.utod ta gd ka tuod.hehehe..actually, pwede ta gd kmo tampukan sang mga poems ko, galing basi ma bore kamo.kay daw mas feel nyo gd ya ang blogs mismo.hay grabe di gani homework ko ho.kadamo lang sang talapuson nga balasahon kag reply-yan nga blogs.

bebang rulona ... said...

ok lang kung poem ah para malatnan man kami =) huya ko ka poems ko ah .. indi ko kabalo .. ang nabal an ko ya ga rhyme2 hahaha

felinelostindwilderness said...

abi abi..halin sang una padal-an mo lang gid ko poems gina interpret ko dayon through painting or drawings..ehehe i miss them!