Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Go crazy now


I know someone right now who's going crazy watching me enjoy my vindication. Now I will have to watch her reap what she has sown. I didn't have a hand in anything, I mean how it happened, that everything was taken back from her. None of it belonged to her in the first place anyway, right from the start. But she got in, as per invitation, and she started changing everything and taking everything away from me, including my name. Yes she ruined my name. In ways that I never imagined someone I consider to be my family do that to me. I stepped back quietly, never wanting for her to experience my wrath and how capable I am of destroying her. I decided against it, never knowing that for a long time already she was the one who was doing that to me all along. Envy. Tsk tsk tsk. So unimaginable how it can eat up people. Well I wish her well. It's not easy. But I have to. I want to live my life happy without any baggage :)

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