Friday, December 25, 2015

“Give until it hurts.”

philippinesSometimes it frustrates me when someone I know finds it hard to be kind to others. I am not rich. I do not have much in life but when it comes to sharing what I have, I usually do not need to give it a second thought. These people I know have more than enough. They can buy whatever they want. And yet when they give, they give only what is their excess. Multiplication of bread and loaves happened because people were touched by the grace of God to share what they were keeping with them. If only people these days can be touched just the same.

Mother Teresa once said, “Give until it hurts.” For me it means giving until there is nothing left with you. It is not actual giving when there is still something left. Call it radical, but for me there is no other way for the miracle of fish and loaves to happen in this modern day and age if people do not empty themselves. That is the only way. Whatever happened to Tacloban? People were sharing but come to think of it, the real giving and sharing happened among the poor themselves. The rich took their part, but they are still rich and have enough to spend of their lavish parties, vacation abroad and million dollar bags and jewelries. People, poor like us, here in my province, gave what they had. Not their excess. I wonder what could dare the rich to start giving and stop worrying about not having enough.

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