Thursday, June 4, 2015

Welcome Home Red!

... but I guess we will be saying "farewell" again soon enough. She just came back from Nepal with a foot injury from the recent tragedy that struck this beautiful country. My dear friend Red was working as a VSO volunteer and the immediate repatriation came with a heartbreak for her, as there was so much she wanted to do in Nepal around that time. My own feelings were ambivalent, I was sad too, knowing how much she enjoyed her time in Nepal and at the same time excited as it would mean I was going to see her again. We paid her a visit more than a week ago and I had to fight back tears when she showed us the extent of her injury. Such a brave, strong, daring, stubborn woman. I always call her stubborn, even hard headed. She wanted to take on life all the time, no matter what the challenges maybe. But this also is the same reason that makes me admire her and love her to bits. Those things she's been doing I can only dream about. I guess this is what makes us bond well as friends. Our own uniqueness, strengths, weakness, fears, dreams, hopes, all come together in a beautifully intricate weave of colors, laughter, tears, love, acceptance, only a true friendship can prove real. 
Hoy mga murat, sa aton nga tatlo, ako na lang ang wala naka kadto sa Nepal!
(Hey biatches, among the three of us I'm the only one left who hasn't gone to Nepal yet!)  

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