Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Marcos Loot

Former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos kisses the glass case of her late husband, president Ferdinand Marcos, in Batac town north of Manila, July 2, 2014"Marcos loot" are two hottest keywords these days. I despise the existence of Imelda Marcos. I puke looking at her photo, yes that's the one on the left, thanks to yahoo. Look at her. Aren't you just disgusted, too??? What's really confusing for me is why they were even given the chance to assume power and allowed to take the seat in the government. They're everywhere in Leyte, Ilocos Norte, everywhere. Is that how stupid Filipinos are? A few years ago, I went to Vigan and everybody was egging me to go see the stupidly famous oh-so-temporary grave of the late Dictator. I was hesitant but I went anyway, just for the heck of it. Or maybe no. I went because for some funny reason, I wanted to face the man I started hating as long time ago as when I was just a preschooler. You see, my own family suffered Martial Law to the point that I had a dented childhood. Me and my other siblings. 

My father is coming up with a book about Escalante Massacre.  I am sure it's going to shed light on so many things. I am my father's editor and going through his narrative isn't easy. It's painful in every way. It makes me go back to those darker days when everything was a painful blur. I didn't really understand everything but the one thing that was very clear was the fear that encompassed me, my siblings, our whole family for a long, long time I thought it wasn't going to end. Now, several decades after, I go through it again and it's all the more painful realizing how much suffering my own parents have gone through, especially my father. I hate Ferdinand Marcos. I loath Imelda and her pathetic collection of shoes that meant unimaginable hunger for so many Filipinos. I hate and loath and despise her children who seem not to understand anything about what their parents had done, in spite of their intelligence and a lot of sense. I guess greed doesn't have anything to do with intelligence or a lot of sense. Instead, greed makes people look extremely pathetic. Look at her smooching on the microbe-riddled glass. It speaks more meaning to my word "pathetic". 

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