Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dennis Trillo defends Bench

Manila, Philippines - Actor Dennis Trillo is one of the newest Bench Boys announced at the Bench Naked Truth Preview at the Bench Tower in Taguig City, 29 August 2014. (Adrian Bautista/NPPA Images)

“Lahat naman ng ginawa don for the sake of art,” says Dennis, who also appeared in the show. “Wala naman sigurong ipinakita na masama o makakadegrade sa kababaihan.”

Namanguan gid ko sa imo Dennis Trillo ka. Wait till you get married, start raising your own children, and in their teenage years you see one of them on stage being dragged around in a leash. I wonder if you can still say "nothing wrong with it". Besides there were a lot more things to point out on that fashion show. Everything was overdone. Do the fashion show organizers really need those two women kissing on stage?? What kind of art was that? What did they hope to achieve?? Everything was nonsense. There wasn't any hint of art in it. I hope these guys stop talking already. The more that they try to defend Bench, the more that they look funny. 

I am speaking because this isn't the kind of world I want my son to experience. Shallow, sex-oriented, nonsense even stupid people dominating the media. We want our children to grow up with a lot of sense in their heads, with full and clear knowledge of what is right and what is not. Of course they also need to learn the value of compassion, of being slow to judge and quick to forgive, understand and forbear. But all these have to be taken in a proper context. I do not judge these guys romping on stage with their butts to the audience, some people have to earn a living. I just hope that they stop talking and justifying things because there's no way around it anymore. If you want to be able to do what you want, then find an island all for yourselves, your like, so that people cannot see you, react and make comments.  In case you're forgetting, we are living in a society where we have norms and standards. 

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