Sunday, November 10, 2013

What the survivors ACTUALLY need RIGHT NOW

Amor Candiza Prietos Please PRIORITIZE W-A-T-E-R as in "WATER "supply and FOODS na EDIBLE agad or ready-to-eat..there is SCARCITY of WATER and it doesn't even meet the demands for THIRST or tugunan ang UHAW ng mga TAO.. RICE can't be EATEN if UNCOOKED! people are HOMELESS..and some have nothing but their clothes on..paanu lulutuin ang RICE?
-biscuits will do and water..and more edible foods that does not need cooking.
rice is better though but they might wanna remember most are homeless and got no UTENSILS and FIRE to cook foods.
aside from FOOD SCARCITY..another main issue is the TRANSPORTATION of RELIEF GOODS.
can we ask for HELP in clearing the ways to isolated areas in SAMAR & LEYTE? hometown BADLY needs ur HELP..
we are aware about the HELP on the way but if the means of transportation will be assessed..People will not DIE from HUNGER and THIRST and AGONY-by the way..of waiting for the said HELP from ALL over the WORLD.PLS...
our town people from HERNANI EASTERN SAMAR is doing what we can do to help one another ..the main problem that we have is TRANSPORTATION..we are raising our own funds to do something that can help our people..can we ASK for HELP in helping us CLEAR the roads w/ fallen debris and uprooted tress?people are doing their best but we still need help..
I also need HELP for the List of casualties and Survivors in our hometown. Thank you!

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