Monday, May 20, 2013

Quieting the mind

Meditation for the Working Woman
With a household to run, a partner to look after, a child (or more) to raise, deadlines to meet, a nagging boss to report to or a business to manage, who has time to meditate? Besides, meditating? Isn’t that just for monks?Many people have false perceptions of meditation: that it’s a spiritual activity performed meant only for new age folk or tree huggers; that you need to wake up before sunrise to do it; that you have to sit uncomfortably while mosquitoes feast on you; that you need to be highly enlightened to be able to successfully achieve it.
In reality, anyone can do it. And yes, the busier you are, the more you need to do it. Here we bust four meditation misconceptions through testimonies of working women whose lives have been touched by meditation. KEEP READING 

I once heard someone telling me that the more you meditate, the more you become peaceful and more secure of yourself and more in touch with your surroundings. Well this is pretty simple. Self-explanatory. Ridding your mind of rubble is something that most of us depend of a shrink, when we can actually do it by ourselves, too, wherever we are or what we do.  

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