Sunday, May 19, 2013

Manners BEFORE knowledge

In Japanese schools, the students don't get ANY exams until they reach grade four (the age of 10)! Why?
Because the goal for the first 3 years of schools is NOT to judge the child's knowledge or learning, but to establish good manners and to develop their character!
Yes, that's what our scholars taught us: Manners BEFORE knowledge!
Should this method be implemented all over the world?
sources:yesiknowthat.comSalbag Santing- admin in japan.

This somehow goes hand in hand with my favorite method of teaching: the Multiple Intelligence teaching, where as an educator, we do not use standardized measurement for identifying/evaluating the capacity of each child, with emphasis on "each child". The uniqueness of each individual shouldn't be dependent on these standardized methods as it will not guarantee the credibility of the results. Come to think of it, why pressure these little angels into taking exams when they should first and foremost first be seen as persons, not as chemical samples under a microscope. 

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