Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Nanay DitDit!

He wanted to make this boat "so it could get me to Nanay DitDit," he said while busy preparing his materials.   It's my sister's birthday today and we are only wishing she's here with us to celebrate her special day. In more ways than one, she is not only a doting aunt to my son, but she stood as a mother to him so many times. Here is something that she herself wrote that proves indeed how much love she can give. 

No wonder my son loves her to bits, so does the rest of her nephews and nieces. Every night we pray for her, her happiness, peace and contentment in life, success in her career and soon enough a family that she can call her own. Being someone who has shown me so much kindness, love, patience, forbearance, and understanding,  I am convinced she is one of the few who really know love in its truest sense. It is my earnest desire to see her the happiest one day soon. Soonest. 

Sailing, sailing
Sailing through dreams
And happy waking moments in between,
Sailing, sailing
Will you say yes to my whims?
When I say I miss you
Do you know what that means?
I’ll sail away and soon be near you
I’ll sail away and I won’t be so blue.
I want to be there, where you are
I want to sail to where 
I won’t miss anything
That you say, that you cry,
That you laugh about the things
That we ask why.
Sailing, sailing let’s wonder together
And hope together and dream together.
Sailing, sailing it won’t be forever...
This boat, this little fragile paper boat...  

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