Monday, May 20, 2013

From which hell did this guy come from?

We are facing a growing crisis and epidemic of child sexual abuse according to the numbers that are being reported and by an educated guess that thousands more go unreported. It takes much courage and bravery for a child or threatened adult to report such crimes in a culture of apathy and indifference. Our Catholicism is challenged as useless if there is no action for justice. Sympathy among the authorities for accused rapists is mind-boggling and when it comes to child abuse, with brave exceptions, public opinion is a cold silent iceberg of injustice.Mykie Prado was found raped and murdered on 21 February 2010 in Aklan. She died of multiple stab wounds. There were witnesses; they pointed to the culprit. A rape charge was filed against the suspect, Dennis Eustaquio Gonzales, aged 26 (photo on A medical report confirmed that the child had been sexually abused before she was murdered.
Bastard. May you rot in hell no one gets you here. 99% of why this world is screwed up is because of lousy parenting. I can imagine how this guy was raised.

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