Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Build memories with your children

My seven-year-old son made this drawing and proudly presented it to me as his gift. It immediately transported me to a world I once lived as a young girl. Everything was free back then. Dreaming, laughing, running in the field, feeling the breeze in my lungs...everything. My son asked me, "Did you also do something crazy when you were a little girl?" Of course I did. And he listened wide-eyed and full of pride and admiration to my childhood adventures running so fast after the train that has just transported sugarcane for milling. I would climb through the empty wagon and lock my feet upon its railings and throw my hands in the air and shout in victory. Woooohooooo!!!!  And then my son gave me an envious look and said, "I wish I was there with you." It struck me and I realized I should be spending more time playing with my son. In a lame attempt to console him I said, "Maybe we can go there one day and we'll see if the wagons are still there and then we can jump right in as it goes. You'll see how fun it is!" Seeing the hope and anticipation in his eyes, I guess I really should try and play with my son more often.

Sharing this article to you parents, who want the best for your children. Let us not forget this one basic but often forgotten task:


Genevive Rulona said...

ara na ara na sugod na! :))

yes.. one day let's go to Central bato!

Anne said...

hehe huo gani. ga hope gid ko nga ang mga tanan nga hinablos ta maka kita sang gin dakuan ta bebe.