Friday, March 4, 2011


I want to share a lengthy discussion on the recent suicide of Angelo Reyes in our forum here.

There so many forms of committing a sin. It has so many faces. Murdering is wrong. Stealing is wrong. Adultery is wrong. Suicide is wrong. We all have something to say about these wrongdoings. We all have something we believe in. As Christians we are called to love one another and as for me, it is something I must keep learning till the day I die.

As for suicide, I have come to this moment of despair in my life, too, just like St Therese and I praise and thank the Lord for rescuing me that night when I almost could not survive in total darkness. I knew how it is to lose hope, to panic, to forget my reason for living. And I knew how it is to feel God's compassion.

God is greater than all these.


Omel said...

you have an interesting thought here. Life is so difficult and at the same time too precious. just take side on the latter and it will help you out with the rest. =)

Anne said...

thanks omel...we all pass through difficulties in life. what is important is we learn from will not happen if we give up so easily.