Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Foot Massage for Free

I was blog hopping today and got inspiration from this article Coping With Depression - A Story.

I had folks coming to me, of course, who wanted to be helpful, and sadly, many of them weren’t. These were the people who would say, ‘Gosh, Parker, why are you sitting in here being depressed? It’s a beautiful day outside. Go, you know, feel the sunshine and smell the flowers.’ And that, of course, leaves a depressed person even more depressed, because while you know intellectually that it’s sunny out and that the flowers are lovely and fragrant, you can’t really feel any of that in your body, which is dead in a sensory way.

There was this one friend who came to me, after asking permission to do so, every afternoon about four o’clock, sat me down in a chair in the living room, took off my shoes and socks and massaged my feet. He hardly ever said anything. He was a Quaker elder. Somehow, he found the one place in my body, namely the soles of my feet, where I could experience some sort of connection to another human being. And the act of massaging just, you know, in a way that I really don’t have words for, kept me connected with the human race.

And it became for me a metaphor of the kind of community we need to extend to people who are suffering in this way, neither invasive of the mystery nor evasive of the suffering but is willing to hold people in a space, a sacred space of relationship, where somehow this person who is on the dark side of the moon can get a little confidence that they can come around to the other side.

- Parker Palmer

The author was able to illustrate really well how I feel about well meaning friends who end up leaving me even more slumped in my tears after our talk. There are days when I just feel so crowded when someone tries to ask me how I am and end up bantering about their own woes. These days are one of those days... I wish someone can offer me a foot massage instead :)

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mira said...

i could offer the foot massage if only im closer to you.:)