Monday, June 1, 2009


For the first time in my life I made this trip all by myself. Eight hours away from Bacolod. It was way too liberating. I am sharing a few photos for now. Have to catch up with a lot of things at the moment.

"The magnificence
of this supreme search

sustains me in my sufferings.

From these sufferings are born

the many songs of my youth

and I come to realize

that struggles serve to strengthen

the fibers of my soul.

They bring me nearer to beauty,

they bring me closer to God."


cathyne said...

i love it : )

My name is Anne said...

upod ka gid to dapat dasun ko to nga balik nyehehehe

Mitzi said...

Nice photos :) If you went alone...who took the photos? :) Were you able to let God speak to you in the silence? :)

My name is Anne said...

mitz, i went alone to dumaguete.but from dumaguete to apo island, i went with a group hehe i will email you the details.

i believe God planned everything for that special trip. i had to go that far to hear what he had to say.