Thursday, April 23, 2009


Why are you crying? Why have you been crying? Why can’t you stop crying? Where do you get all that sadness? All that mourning and grieving that seem to flow in you forever. Why do you constantly feel so alone, when you’re surrounded with people who dearly love you, admire you and adore you. Why do you need so much? Why do you want so much? Didn’t you once say that happiness is simple? Weren’t you once crazy over butterflies and field of lazy dandelions? How many times did you dance like crazy in the rain? Remember the nights when you laughed at the moon and called it a coward and a fool for hiding in the clouds? You were so full of life, you smiled easily, you laughed at your own foolishness. You were living! Don’t choose to die just because summer is over. And stop grieving over that sunset. It’s just a stupid sun that knows nothing but to rise and fall. You can do so much, you are more than just an audience in the ensemble of stars in the skies. Stop feeling the sadness of the world in your heart, just because there is no more sadness left in you to feel. Get up, open wide your windows, breathe in the fresh air that is lush with the smell of first June rain. That is life, that is what you needed, that is what brought you to paint your own world with bright colors of falling in love and dreaming, laughing, dancing and flying! Come on, dare fly again, there’s still so much to see…

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