Saturday, November 1, 2008


It's my friend Caroline's birthday and I thought of something different for her: Torture her with our younger days back in Brgy Bata. Bwahahaha.

Laying out these photos has brought me back down memory lane, with Caroline, how we met and how together we grew up into adulthood, learning things and letting them mold us and be who we are now.

Caroline and I are an obvious contrast. She's wacky, I'm serious. She's noisy, I'm quiet. She's adventurous, I am cautious. She loves to dance, I hate it. But there was one common denominator: we were both thirsty for the Lord, eager to get to know him and serve him whichever way it would bring us. Remembering our Singles for Christ days is never complete without her in the picture. Why, she was the very first friend I made, being underage and almost not allowed to join the organization. The allowed age was 21 up. She was only 17, and I was turning 19. It was God bringing us together, because we got in!!

Quite recently, she sort of hurt my feelings. And I, well sort of, hurt her back (Bwahahaha). But the things that a cat friend would do to mend our friendship! It humbled me and showed me that no matter how different we are, we have already become part of each other's life, whether we like it or not.

Miss you Car. I miss the way you wanted me, and only me when you were hurting. I miss the sleep over at your house, the jogging at Roselawns, the whole-night talks. No one would tell me such shocking revealations like you did. No one would let me laugh so hard till I cry for mercy. No one would attack our house, break into my mosquito net and shove bibingka down my throat, like you did. I miss that and when you're here, we will eat bibingka till we turn green.


mira said...

HAYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!to d max.can we just turn back clock and stop there for a moment?relive the happy days and consciously feel the feeling of those young naive days?looking at those old photos just makes me sulky for awhile but we can only look back and say we've been there,done that and it made us good!happy birthday kuring!and to u ann...u done it again...strike gd pirmi!love u.

Anonymous said...

Aww!! Ka cute sa inyo mga pictures!! Super sexy and slim gid!!

This is a beautiful tribute to dear Meming!

I'm sure she is delighted of this entry :)

Happy Birthday liwat Meming!!

Iamquietheart said...

hahaha. funny. ay, happy birthday gali anay kay carolayna. na carried away ko sang gina basa ko ba.

tuod anne no. grabe gid na si caroline ya. no dull moments gid when she's around. happy birthday, girl...

My name is Anne said...

hahaha tawa ka lang da vian, ara ka man da in one of the photos. ang hate mo pa nga photo hahaha remember? gapadiwal ka da sa photo, you hated how you look like in there. galing bday ni ni kuring, ti wala kang magagawa hahaha

mapz, huo, i wanted to note pa tani nga super slim pa da ang kalabanan sa amon haha. hayy those were the days.

felinelostindwilderness said...

waaaaaaaaaaahh sobraa..gin pahibi nio hu hu..pwerti kaniwang na daw palito! hhuhuh siling ni carey ay abaw...sigurado ka nga ikaw na sang una? ang gago ya..ahahahah
waaaaaaahh as in naghibi ko kay grabe ang hidlaw ko..tapos tapos..kaniwang gid ya sa akon..waaahh..kag tapos..brings back super duper was so simple then, I would never exchange it for anything else. Life is never better without you Anne, since the day i first met you I know its gonna be a lifelong friendship. COme hell or high water, miski mag inaway pa kita, its part and parcel of growing up. We have come a long way all these years miski layo pa ako..pero amo man ko ya sa giapon, me nag bag-o man or wala..palangga ta ka as my friend and sister in Christ. Madamo gid na salamat ang akon dughan naga habok habok sang madako! hu hu hu..salamat guid!!!!

bebang said...

hahaha ara man ko da sa mga photos!!! ang saya saya dat time indi ko pa syado love ang kuring mundo subong love ko na hahahaha :) happy bday Meming!!! damo blessings to come pag bantay2 ... esp manug gwa na ang kitten!!! :)

My name is Anne said...

gani mir no..kon pwede lang ma rewind tanan...sige lang, those days have molded us to what we are now. it's the richness of our memories that keep us alive, strong and steadfast.

kuring ti hafi ko kay na hafi ka man. hehe. abot ko gid eh. hehe ti na torture ka gid sa mga old pics no???heheheh esp nga wangkig ka pa to hahahaha

si bebang pa gid hehehe

kag si mira hehehe