Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Million Miles Away
Joey Albert

I'd love to make you mine

'Cause it's the only way to hold you
In my wild imagination
Still I don't know how
To grab a chance and spend some time in just
A simple conversation

Just give it a try
Though I'm not chasing rainbows in the sky
I wanna hold you in my dreams
And make believe that it's true
Although I know, I know
That it's impossible to do
' Cause you're a star
People love you as you are
You're a million miles away from me

Wish that you were here
'Cause it's illusions everytime you're close to me
And sing me love songs
And it's the only way I could tell the world I love you
Although you're a million miles away
Chorus 2: Just give it a try

Though I'm not chasing rainbows in the sky
I wanna hold you in my dreams
And make believe that it's true
Although I know, I know
That it's impossible to do
'Cause you're a star
You're a star You're a star
You're a million miles away from me

I'm a sucker for sentimental pieces. These days what's helping me cope with stress is learning new chords and singing till I bleed. Interestingly, I feel light and rejuvinated each time. I wonder is that normal at all? I was having migraine attack for almost a week. And what ended it was when I got my guitar and learned Joey Albert's Million Miles Away. I was so happy to learn the song and I played and sang it the whole day, while Abe and I were alone to ourselves.

They say that if you want to stay focused and positive in your life, you have to stop listening to songs that tell of madness. But as for me, it works when I listen to these crap, as others may call it. I don't know if that has something to do with being self-proclaimed manic-depressive, loner, pain-addict. But being like this has allowed me to be a friend to many. And I thank God for it. I thank him for giving me the opportunity to share his love even if that means being constantly broken.

Most of my friends right now are going through difficult situations. Problems and concerns that leave them helpless and in despair. Everday, I listen to them, give them words to hang on to, feel their pain, their anguish, their complaints, even their anger. I stay strong and steadfast for them, but sometimes I fail. Because I, too, got my own cross to carry. I, too, got my own fears. Although that really doesnt keep me from being the peer counsellor that I believe I was made to be. In dissecting other poeple's pain, I get the chance to look deeper into myself, too, and discover hidden strength needed for a lifelong journey.

Very important PS: I really want to get the right chords to this song. I've looked up the internet to no avail. So if by chance you guys happen to come across any hope for me...*wink!wink!wink!*


cathyne said...

hehehe anu na gani tono ya anne?

meowiefotografie said...

waaaaaaaah...at least kabalo ka mag gitara kag mag tukar sang piano. Pa hampasa lang ko sang drums di lang gitara kag piano..LOL...

sige i try ko pangitaon ang iya na chords..ehehe..basi pa lang.

kung me migraine attack ka kuno, inom ka lang damo na tubig kay ang isa ka main cause is basi hydrated ikaws. kag shempfre cool yourself off and try to relax even though at times its not that possible but we gotta do what we goottaa do.

keep it up, playing a guitar is something to relieve your stress and a way to keep you out from other negativities.


My name is Anne said...

cat, nag try man ko butang sa html link para ma click nyo lang tani kag pamatian, pro naga error. huhu..i dont know why...basta i paste ko gid para batian mo hehe.

meow, daw medyo lipat na ko sang piano ko. once in my life lang gid to nga nag perform ko and what made it memorable was upod ta sa SFC group. hehehe im pretty sure you remember every second of it, as much as i do.

yes, actually, mas hapos tun-an ang drums than guitar and piano.

sige be, help me look for the chords hehehe. tenk yuwwww!!!!

bebang said...

baw mariit ba .. dream ko gid na maka learn gitara.. daling wala ko pesyens... ti ma scrapbook nalang ko anay.. maybe someday =)

honestly namian man ko mag hinga sa imo kay great listener ikaw pero these days ga liklaw nalang ko kay i know basi kapoy ka na kay many many things to do there u know me an yu (hala basi think sg iban flip ko inenglis hehehe) =) sige .. basta happy ko kay na update imo blog meaning ok hehe =)

meowiefotografie said...

am still looking for the chords...budlay gle pangitaon no??? ahihihi... i was singing with the tune, nagtulo luha ko while singing..kay super hidlaw ko sa inyo tanan. =(

mama_aly said...

wounded healers are the best companions to life's ups and downs. you're a star, anne!!!

Dohn.Nalumen said...

^^^ agree! its a gift manang. pila lang ang may amo na nga gept.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this song! And that's how I cope at times too. Pero with me naman I watch youtube music videos. Songs do have a way of making us feel.

My name is Anne said...

thank you guys :)