Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Today was Gabriel's first day in school. Me, hubby, and doting Tita DitDit paraded with the little pupil to school. It was all so surreal. My son is taking his first step to the world. I was overwhelmed with mixed emotions. Tita Dit had tears in her eyes and I just managed to hold back mine.

Gabriel enjoyed meeting his classmates for the first time. When I bought his uniform a couple of weeks ago, he insisted on wearing them so he can go to school right away. It was 7pm and he was all set for school. With the degree of his excitement, I didn't have the heart to disappoint him so I tried dissuading him by trying out a bit of declamation. "Your classmates are already asleep!" "Let's wake them up!" goes his very positive reply. "Your teacher is also asleep already!" "No she can't be sleeping, because I'm going to school!" End of this paragraph. Need I say more?

So today, when his teacher said "Okay say good morning to your classmates." He stood up, looked around, searched for me standing at the back, smiled from ear to ear and exclaimed, "Look Naynay! I have classmates! They're awake already!"

He was the only one who kept standing up to approach his teacher and ask things like "Teacher, where is my lunchbox? Teacher, where is my Nanay Dit?" It will take him maybe a month or two before he will finally be able to get the hang of it all. If later I'll see that he's not enjoying anymore, I can just let him stop. Anyway, he's just turning 3 this coming August so he can still very well stay at home and I can teach him when I'm back from work. He's a very social kid, though. He enjoyes being around people, both old and young. So I can almost imagine how much he will keep liking school, rather than staying at home alone with yaya, all day, missing Nanay and Tatay.

The week before, I had to miss work just bring him to his first day in school. I was so excited the night before I hardly slept. The next morning, we got up earlier than usual of course, and prepared for school. Only to be disappointed. They postponed the classes and moved the date till the following week. How awful, I was so annoyed deep inside.

This part in italics is a sort of a continuation to this blog. Things got in the way of finishing this. I was hopitalized, the recent storm, no internet connection and electrity...some other things.

Anyway, somehow Gabriel enjoys school but I can't say to the fullest. Nanny says he easily gets bored. Like one time they were asked to draw a circle. He did draw a circle but added legs to the circle saying he's making it into a spider. So I'm kind of playing it by ear, I might just let him stop this coming December and just tutor him here in the comfort of our home. It looks like a traditional school set-up, not really progressive which is of course a lot more expensive, of course. That, hubby and I need to prepare if we want our child to get a kind of education that is worth all the trouble.


Iamquietheart said...

hay, how exciting it is to be for a mother whose child is going to school for the first time.

ako, very memorable gid sa akon ang first day ni gel sa school.

you look good in your sexy outfit ha. and abe is sooo cute in his uniform.

meowiefotografie said...

daw naglabay lang panahon..kag daw sang san-o mo lang si abe gin bun-a! waaahhhhhhhhhhhhh*

My name is Anne said...

vian, ay perte gid nang postura ko.para bala ma siling man sila nga ang nanay ni gabriel sexy man. kag super cute gid kay abe sa iya uniform. hehehe

huo man meow no. kadasig lang gid sang panahon. dugay2x indi na na mag pa kiss sa lips.

IA. said...

Your lil student is so adorable in his new uniform! All smiles gid ya :D

Maayo pa na imo Gabriel kay di nabudlayan adjust. Ako guro mabudlayan sining little koala bear ko, medyo shy type abi once he's outside the house.

bebang said...

timusta na iya skuliing :) tani maka bakasyon kami da no para kita namon abe uniform hehe

mira said...

hahaha!mga iloy gd!amo gd na ya no? when it was maeve's first day in kindy ..i was more worried than excited..maeve was pesterin' me for several days of when she's going to school.and when d "d Day" had finally happened..she took off as soon as she saw the door of kindy!i have to call her back just to say goodbye.

My name is Anne said...

IA, cge lang, ako sang gamay ko maypag ka kuala bear man ko.aw a.amo na ang shy haw?hehehe kuala bear? ti miskin i grew up extremely shy, miskin pano, i made it through.hehe impt is he grows up knowing you love him unconditionally. that is enough for him to find his own place in the sun.

mir, huo perte gid ang excitement ko sang first day of school ya. pero subong ti gn pa stop na lang sya namon. it's not a good school for him. very traditional ang approach.ti baby pa sya ya bala. more into play pa.wala nila gina integrate ang play sa learning. mas mayo pa sang sa balay na lang sya namon gin tudluan mas damo pa nabal-an ya.

inday, at least it was also an experience for him. at least, we allowed him the opportunity to see other kids and experience 'school' sang times nga gin gusto ya gid.

Dohn.Nalumen said...

I super duper love the picture with the violet bag. may glow ang eyes nya. kitang kitang super excited.