Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Nothing like a box of Cadburry. Well, after a long hiatus, if I may call it, I am now actually finding it hard to decide whether I would write something about that box of chocolate I would die for, or about that new pair of skirt and shirt I got from my sister's friend's rummage sale who's migrating, or about the way I am seated in this photo, slouched, painfully thin from all the hardwork this present life requires, or that contented smile born out of my husband's regular weekly break from the camp...pppphhhh!!! Such a long sentence that is. You see, there is so much goings-on in my life, a lot to blog about. But I only got two hands!! Sometimes I just wish I'm a giant octopus.

Not that I am resenting, though. God has been good to me and in spite of daily concerns, left and right, he still gives me reasons to be thankful for everyday. I can talk about these reasons for hours, but on top of these all is a happy family life. As long as no one among my loved ones gets sick, I am more or less a happy person, eager to give more.

My concerns lately, were mostly about the concerns of those I love.

1. A friend currently based in Atlanta, who recently gave birth via vacuum extractor, has been in deep darkness with her baby's life in danger. Right now, we're still praying for Baby Mikko to survive, grow up well and healthy. That is one miracle Gabriel and I have been praying for, very fervently.

2. Another friend, still not married, has been biting her nails over the possibility that she could be pregnant. Human beings are inherently hardheaded. That's all I can say.

3. My own brother, our only brother, trying out a new life for his family in Manila. With 5 little kids in tow, and a pregnant wife, I can understand why he said, one time, driving like mad along one of the highways there, shouted and cried out to God all what his heart couldn't say. That same night, when he told me about it, I cried and cried and cried until there were no more tears to cry, but I was still crying.

These are just three among the many. And these sufferings are mine, too. I take it upon myself, to suffer like they do. How can I help it? I've been on my knees many times over and though I may never understand God why he allows his people to be in such pain, at least I know at the end of the road, he is there waiting.


felinelostindwilderness said...

Oh tell me about it..me and carey seems to find some troubles along the way (not in our relationship) but towards our jobs, and other people and situations that we cannot control or take over. Let me share you this Belle, one things for sure, for everything and anything on this earth is all but temporary, and that money is not everything (we hope it was!) but on the end, we look to the brighter side of life that we are still alive and we surpassed whatever we have encountered in our lives and makes us better persons...love you bellee...am with you in spirit!

bebang rulona ... said...

there are a lot of reasons why we experience pain and suffering. we may wish not to experience any. but there's only one place to go to make that wish come true: 6 feet below the ground.

let's embrace sufferings. it's an opportunity to show our trust and obedience to our GOD.


share ko man ni bala brief lang na blog ni bianca gonzalez.. nice. naka reflect man ko..


momoftwo said...

first of all, miss your blog! so glad to have your back :)

sorry to hear about your friend, I could feel her pain, my prayers to her family

you are a good person and being human it is normal to feel these way. we could not understand it but God did not give something we cannot take. take care, Anne!