Monday, April 16, 2007


Gabriel is growing fast. And so is his hair. Reinee and I intended to grow it long but great grandma objects violently. Nothing we can do. Lola gets mad only once.

But it's Reinee who is so fascinated with long hairs. Needless to say, I have to maintain my own hair. But just a couple of weeks back, I asked my cousin to trim it. She was snipping away for several minutes, and lo and behold, more than half of my hair was already scattered on the floor -- lifeless, massacered, gone forever. It took me two years to grow it back again. (Two years ago, Reinee and I had a serious fight and I cut my hair really really short as my sign of rebellion).

So, what's with long hair?

PS: I can't write anything these days. Writer's block I guess. I'll try to be up on my feet soon...


bebang rulona ... said...

super cutipie abe... ay abaw, mcdo after haircut hehehe ti gintago mo iya hair? scrapbook galore dayun eh hehe :)

anne said...

yes, may free nga certificate.with logo nila, kag signature sang nag haircut.hehehe. cuteness gani.balikon ko pa to.first morning nga short na hair ya, abi ko lain nga bata tupad ko.hahahaha

Anonymous said...

ano na toy/car? that's a good way of keeping the kiddies entertained why the dresser is doing the job...wala man nag riot si Gabriel?

Once ko lng gid gin dala si Layla sa salon for a hair cut, nag maoy sya, iyawan kami pahimos sus na gastuhan pa ko sa tip hehehe.

I always like short hair para less ang effort to maintain. Pero for the past years been growing it long (up to 15 inches) so I can donate them to locks of love ( for cancer patients. Gina himo nila wigs kag gina give sa mga bata nga kalbo na kg di na mag tubo liwat buhok nila. Mga 2 yrs man nga agwanta ko para lng maka donate ko. I've done it twice already and will continue doing so as long as I live.

Dohn.Nalumen said...

bwahahahaha! OMG! I cant stop laughing. Cute but moving blog. bwahaahahaha ulit.

mama_aly said...

hi, anne!

thanks for your comment in my blog which i just came accross now. drop by again one of these days.

nice haircut, big boy!

felinelostindwilderness said...

hehehehe LOVE THE in!

anne said...

mapz,tuod ka?ga donate ka gle hair mo?try ko man na gur ay.wala gd bala nag riot si Gabriel.super behave, kay lipay sya sa toy car. pero sang tapos na sya,kag ako ya,cge pa pagunting,didto pa lang sya nag reklamo.gahod2x sa parlor cge NANAY!NANAY!NANAAAAY!KAT NANAAAY!

dohn,glad to make you laugh.hehehe

alymama,thanks for dropping's an honor to have you here :) i've been reading your blogs for almost a year already. kaya lang hiya akong mag leave nang comments :0

meow, thanks a heapzzzz!