Monday, June 27, 2016

Ano gina tago mo?

scandal, organization, kwaderno

Why did you sneak into the email address and blog I put up? Why did you get in, changed the password, and disabled the Kwaderno accounts? What are you hiding? What are you afraid of? If you are truly honest and if your conscience is clear, why would you disable the account? You do not want people to know what I have to say about you and what you have done? You do not want people to know the truth?

All the lies that you spread against me, they're really nothing. You even tried destroying me to my own parents, chatting with my friends and parents using someone else's account. That someone has already confessed to me and my parents and my friends. Your cover is blown far, far away. What else would you like to hide? I heard you're resigning. Yet another job, eh? I wonder what's causing you not to stay in one job. How many jobs have you got already? I heard, too, you've assumed you're getting that one job you've been dreaming of. Oh, I heard someone else got the job. What do you think of yourself? Awesome? You want me to post here all that testimonies about/against you?

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